Blackened Sun Brewing Company is a micro craft brewery based in the Milton Keynes area. It has taken four and a half years and over sixty five brewing recipes to forge the Blackened Sun that now produces the finest artisan beer. Blackened Sun is about creativity, skill and precision.
We use only the best ingredients crammed full of flavour and passion.
Blackened Sun do not filter or pasteurise beer, it is left to mature and condition naturally which creates a fuller more diverse flavour. Our beers contain no additives or chemicals and the majority are suitable for vegans.

This is how beer is meant to be consumed.

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Tap Room & Bottle Shop

You're more than welcome to drop in and sample some of our beer first hand, chat with us about our process and anything else that takes your fancy.


Friday5.00pm - 10.00pm
Saturday12.00pm - 10.00pm
Sunday12.00pm - 5.00pm

3 Heathfield | Stacey Bushes | Milton Keynes | Bucks | MK12 6HP

Hédoné Saison 3.6%

Hédoné Saison (Greek personification of pleasure) is a sessionable beer made with British malt and hops and traditional saison yeast. Light and refreshing with a spicy, fruity yeast character and notes of citrus and berries from the hops. Hédoné demonstrates that lower alcohol beers do not have to be devoid of flavour.

Crossover Pale Ale 4.2%

Crossover Pale Ale is a combination of a fruity modern pale ale and a Belgian style single beer. British malt, American and new world hops and a traditional Belgian ale yeast blend together to create a citrus and tropical hop flavour with a spicy yeast character. A refreshing, easy drinking crossover beer with a unique character.

Awakening IPA 5.7%

A constantly evolving year round IPA, this beer uses different hop varieties from around the globe every time it's brewed. Refreshing and enlightened, a step up from the CROSSOVER PALE ALE, this daring brew will not only quench your thirst but illuminate your palate.

Collision ESB 4.7%

Collision ESB (Extra Special Belgian) is a take on an original British classic. However we replace the English ale yeast for a Belgian alternative. Darker roasted malts and European hops incorporate the backbone of this beer and the Belgian yeast inserts a distinct character. A malty, spicy, fruity collision of two distinctive brewing styles.

Luna Saison 5.2%

Luna is a dark, brooding Saison with a roasted, malty flavour and distinct coffee overtones. This clandestine saison is like no other you will have ever tasted. It is a seasonal brew that is only available for a limited period so make sure you find the time to experience its dark side.

Nebula Stout 6.8%

Rich, dark and bold, this stout features deep malt flavours including molasses and toffee combined with a fruity yeast character. Another seasonal brew that will only be available for a limited period of time so check out this stellar stout before its too late.

Coven Saison 3.5%

A little hoppy Saison brewed with American hops. Light with citrus notes and a spicy yeast character. This beer is the same recipe as Supercoven but with half the amount of malt and hops. Sample both beers together and see if you can taste the connection.

Supercoven Saison 7.0%

A big hoppy Saison brewed with American hops. Big and bold with citrus notes and a spicy yeast character. This beer is the same recipe as Coven but with twice the amount of malt and hops. Sample both beers together and see if you can taste the connection.

Solar Wheat Pale Ale 4.0%

A Hoppy wheat pale ale infused with lemon peel and fermented with saison yeast. A thirst quenching beer full of flavour, perfect for those long summer days, this seasonal brew will only be available for a limited period of time so check it out before its too late.

Mixed Fermentation Project 5.4%

Fermented with our own house yeast culture these exclusive project beers are aged on a range of different locally sourced products and available in 750ml bottles.

This first batch is a Bretted Blackberry Saison which is something truly special.

Mixed Fermentation Project II 6.1%

Fermented with our own house yeast culture and left in the fermenter for 5 ½ months to harness the natural lactobacillus within the brewery, this beer was aged on medium American oak for 2 months. This beer is complex with fruity notes from the Brettanomyces, hints of vannila wood from the oak and a crisp sharp sourness. Carbonated to a low level, this beer can be cellared for years to come.

Hades Quad 11.5%

Blackened Sun Brewing Company have brewed this crazy beer together with Twisted Barrel. 'Hades' is very much an untraditional quad. It has 100% British malt, European hops and a blend of Belgian yeast which creates a beer that’s extremely drinkable in spite of it's strength.


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Beer Garage Northampton Bottle
Beer Guerrilla Northampton Bottle
The Bottle Mix Kettering | Northamptonshire Bottle
Brewdog MK Central Milton Keynes Keg
Chequers Fenny Stratford | Milton Keynes Keg
The Craufurd Arms Wolverton | Milton Keynes Bottle
The Hop Pole Aylesbury Keg
MK Biergarten Wolverton | Milton Keynes Bottle
Princess Alexandra Northampton Keg
Twisted Barrel Tap Room Coventry Keg
Wharf Distillery Pottersbury | Northamptonshire Bottle
Eebria Online Distributor Bottle
Eebria Trade Online Distributor Keg & Bottle


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